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The ancient nail mat (How to use - PDF file)

The nail mat is a very old tool that has its roots in the Indian mysticism.

The original nail mats were used by Yogis, practitioners of yoga, to resolve their deadlocks, both physical, emotional and mental. More than four thousand years old Chinese writings talk about treatments with needles to balance the body and psyche.


The modern nail mat

In the early 80s, nail mats started to appear in Russia. They were used in health care with very good results. Patients no longer needed their medicines and hopeless cases came to heal.

Extensive research into the nail mats effect was carried out at the Russian hospital and it showed great results.

Nail mats reduced inflammation, strengthened immune system, build new tissue, increased metabolism and decreased stress.

The Russian doctors were amazed that such a simple tool could have such an effect on the physical body. Also mental health was effected, decreased aggression and increased empathy.

The nail mat was also found to have a beneficial effect on depression.


What happens in the body.

The secret is that the nails acupressure function on the back starts the body's production of endorphins and oxytocin.

Endorphins are the body's natural painkillers and also called "runners high".

Oxytocin which is normally released during breastfeeding, human touch and makes you feel calm and relaxed.


How to use it.

You lie down with the mat under your back. If you find the nails sharp in the beginning you can use a thin fabric between you and the mat. The goal is to rest directly on the mat. 

At first you feel a burning sensation and of course it hurts, but its an even pressure and after a minute or so you feel the blood pulsate and the back is getting warm.

The endorphins and oxytocin kick in and a lovely feeling of well being is spread through your body and mind. After using the nail mat for a while you feel addicted to it. But its a good addiction without any side effects.

About 10-15 minutes makes you more alert and 20 minutes to as long as you like, makes you relaxed and stress free. You even fall asleep on the mat and that is heaven for people suffering from insomnia.

Eventually you can try the nail mat on other bodyparts.

Make it a daily routine. When it feels good it makes good!


If you have a medical condition. Contact your doctor before using the nail mat.


Washing instuctions.

Start by removing the inside foam and hand wash it if needed. Use a detergent and lukewarm water and let it hang dry.


Hand wash the outer cover with a mild and skin friendly detergent in lukewarm water. Rinse the cover thoroughly and hang dry.


Dont wash the nail mat in a washing machine and dont use a drier because it can damage the machine or the nail mat.


What makes the Prana nail mat unique?

Handles: Easy to carry with you.
Thin foam: Makes it easy to fold and it's flat when you want to take it with you when travelling.
Magnetic button: Leaves the nail mat in a fold position while not using it. Prevents children and pets to step on it accidently.
Nice outer fabric: We believe our users want to show their nail mat instead of hiding it under the bed.
Logo in embroidery: Gives a more exclusive feeling.
Many different colours: You can choose from three different colors. Red, purple and orange.





About our nail mat: 


42 x 68 cm


6440 acupressurepoints


450 grams


Made of cotton, polyester, plastic, foam and a magnetic button.


Made in India




A few customer testimonials:


"I use the mat everyday and usually end up dozing off for more than 30 mins. After that I wake up feeling refreshed every time! No more body aches after using the mat .. really a miracle mat and I'd recommend it to everybody"


"I lie every night on my nail mat. It helps with my tense back and neck muscles. Pure heaven! I have suffered from massive headache for 20 years, so I notice when something is helping."


"I find it hard to relax. I have tried meditation, with no result. But when I lie on the nail mat, it only takes a few minutes before I start deep breathing and relax my whole body."


"The nail mat has been wonderful for my insomnia. Usually, it takes me over two hours to fall asleep and I wake up tired in the morning. But when I lie on my nail mat I fall asleep within 15 minutes. Then I wake up after a while and take it away and go back to sleep without any problems. I wake up in the morning and feel rested."


"The Prana Nail Mat is like having your own private masseur. Available anytime you need one. It's also very pretty. It may seem like a scary thing to do but once you have tried it, you'll be convinced"


"Ive seen a lot of positive changes in my familys health and mood, I have noticed that I sleep a 100 times better and I feel happy and with a lot of energy throughout the day, also, I dont feel the horrible pressure on my shoulders anymore. Its really amazing how things change quickly in a positive way using the mat."


"I use my nail mat against back pain and tension and it works. Sometimes I fall asleep, and sleep almost the whole night on it. It's worth every penny."